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Thoughts in Progress #2

I'm used to thinking about the universe in terms of the ridiculously emense. I come from a very scientific home, and astronomy has always been a topic of interest. When my dad and I aren't talking about the Really Awful SyFy Channel Movie of the Week we're probably talking about space. The idea of our universe just being one universe in an infinitely larger one, or simply one incarnation (for lack of a less spiritually influenced word) of an ongoing reformation of the universe isn't new to me, but it's a new experience to talk about it with people who have varying levels of interest and knowledge in the subject and talk about it in a more philosophical manner. Attempting to realize our scale in the universe is a very strange feeling, and it's a feeling I'm used to keeping to myself, so having people discuss it was very... unnerving. I suppose that's because I think of people as entirely autonomous units that I can't predict, and then all of the sudden they're talking about something I know and it's like "Oh, I suppose it isn't a singular phenomena". I doubt any of that made sense, but it needed to be written down regardless.

The question I have written down from Tuesday is: Where does faith come from? That question really distracted me for most of the class period, because even though many of us tried to describe it in terms of a religious or spiritual origin I don't think it is, because I don't consider myself a religious or even particularly spiritual person but I do believe that at some point in my life I have to have experienced faith. I just can't think of a particular time. I can think of expecting things, but those are instances where I've been told something will happen and based on the general veracity of the statements given to me by a person or source I come to a conclusion to expect something. I'm not sure about faith though. Can anyone else think of a time where they've had faith and share it (if they're willing)?


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