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Comments about class!!

Well what can I say. I love the class.

The thing that really struck me was the fact that when I read the long assignment I was bored out of my mind. Science is interesting but only in small doses. I noted that the numbers are so huge that we as humans can not comprehend that much of anything. For example the amount of time the universe has existed. That amount of time is to huge to understand.


Now that I think of it, maybe that is why science was not as important back then. Because now when we say a huge number we can compare to lets say the amount of grains of sand on a beach or so and so cans 5 feet high on the whole planet we can sort of kinda compare.


But back there was not that amount of anything. Like in roman or greek times they wanted to find the answer but just couldn't there  was not enough technology or experience to fully understand their planet. they tried to understand in way that they only could bet that myths like we all say now but back then those story's were fact.


or when it came to religion when we as catholics based everything on adam and eve. why do we believe that because our brains can't understand such a huge time. we just took a short cut.

i rambled just now i hope it makes sense in my head it sounds better i think.


but in the end

every answer we get always leads to another question.

Just like when someone has a world record. creating that record is difficult like the greeks,romans, christians, catholics trying to find an answer.

but breaking that record is much simpler because now we know what to break for example science now.


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