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finding sense in a wirlpool


we spoke about a lot of different thigngs in class - ideas and concepts were thrown around and new ones were created. amongst everything, a few particularly stuck out to me.

what are some of the consequences you run into when you study something you're a part of? this is question remained with me, mainly because of the answer someone provided for it - when you study something from the inside out, you gather observations and information from the outside, drag them back in, work with them and through them, and you realise that you can change things. why is this important? because it gets rid of the feeling of helplessness. because knowledge aqquired from the inside gives you the power to do something. when looking at things from the outside, no matter how involved you are in them (be it science or a global problem or even a social problem), you're often faced with the realisation that theres only so much you can do - theres only so much you can touch, or change, because try as you might, you cannot always change how another person or system operates.

and as far as education is concerned, this is important. by taking this class, we're already changing our approach to education, we're already questioning things and dissecting concepts, to find a ground we are comfortable with. we're changing the way we educate ourselves. does this all go to hell if we dont become teachers or administrators? not at all. because, we build a ground on which we approach education differently - we approach it differently when we teach our children, or when we teach a company a new concept, or even when we have a conversation. we're constantly learning, and now, we're giving ourselves a basis to learn differently, maybe even more effectively.

another question that stayed with me was that of an educational peak and whether or not students reach that in the classroom. as far as i can tell, i reached my own educational peak outside of the classroom, but as a product of the learning environment i was in. my classes themselves weren't great and i hated the curriculum, but i learnt with my friends, through conversations and experiences and ideas we shared. and these are friends who were products (partially) of the same system i was. and i cant help but wonder what it would turn out like if we integrated culture and exxperience into the four walls of a classroom. would we help students reach that peak inside the classroom? or, actually, how important is it that that peak is reached within the classroom?



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