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Narrow is the path of.... structure?

To learn feels good. Education is tool that I feel can broaden one's mind or can narrow it, especially if the curriculum is exclusive of other materials, insights, or methods. 

I think I like structure, or am I just used to it? On the basis of clarifying, to me, structure means a certain organization or direction. Maybe each of our minds have been sculpted by our early molders (primary/secondary education) to respond to structure in certain ways... that's why some of us thrive on it, and others steer away from it. Perhaps having too much structure has its consequences. Sometimes I find myself struggling when given little direction for an assignment or a project.

Education today is still very structured and perhaps it inhibits individuals from thinking out of the box, breaking out of the norms that we participate in, in order to "transform" the common way of thinking. We briefly discussed that a group of homogeneous individuals that think, act, or do, is much less effective than a heterogeneous group. Perhaps the way to enhance the mosaic is to have less structure. Or maybe its better to say that from the beginning of one's formal education (in the form of going to school at the age of 5 or so), there should be a greater emphasis to tap into individual creativity and passion for different things. Our "system" should emphasize the importance of exploration, inquiry, excavation of something that may be buried or of something that has not even been found yet... Transforming current ideas and developing new ones.  This should begin from the earliest years, and it seems as if a child's mind is the most curious anyway. Let's enhance it. Let's congratulate them for asking questions, encourage it, reward it...

But how to transfer this idea from childhood to adulthood? Is that a valid idea when we are students of life no matter which age? Can there be a combination of structure and creativity? Can one exist within the other?

Is there really a linear model of science, or is it just an idea that some try to cram loopy science into for their own sake?


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