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Creation Myth

 Hello I'm Angela. I'm in Seminar 10.  I was raised catholic. My mother's family is a very Portuguese very catholic family.  I went to Catholic school kindergarten through 6th grade.  During this time I was always taught the Genesis' account of creation in religion class.  I always questioned it and found it hard to believe.  I do believe in the evolution theory, and although my mom is catholic she still takes the Genesis account with a grain of salt.  She believes "God made evolution."  If I paste this link correctly you'll see an African Bushmen Creation Myth.  I found it interesting because in the story, the people "disobeyed" their "God" out of fear--fear of the dark, fear of the cold--something that everyone experiences.  It is also why I believe all these creation myths are told and clung onto so tightly by many.  People fear what they don't know.  No one knows how we came to be, and for many this is a scary thought.  Because of this, these stories are told to make sense out of something that can't be explained.


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