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 I have to admit that I'm

 I have to admit that I'm wary of saying too much in class. I am eager for us to explore co-constructive dialogue and the brain and education, but I think that I should be more of a spectator at the moment than an active, speaking participant. I believe I'm in the "suspend judgement, be quiet" group Paul mentioned in class.

I love Brain Drains, a habit we picked up over the summer. It is interesting to see how different people respond when asked for an instant association. For instance, I've found that I usually respond to Brain Drains with colors, images, and impressions of the word offered: "green, apple, book." (I attribute this to my desire to doodle and draw almost all of the time.) Others focus on interpersonal relationships, "students, teachers, learners," or policy, or the physical, or the "big picture."

--It would be interesting to look at that in terms of "Multiple Intelligences." 

Mind you, none of those answers are any better or any "more correct" than the others. There is no wrong answer. They're our associations and they work. But it will be interesting to see if those associations change over time.

One of the main questions I wanted to posit for our next class is if we accept that "knowledge is power," what is that power over? That is, what is that power and why is it important to have it? Power to make decisions? Power over career? Power over others? Power over oneself?

What is this "power" and why is it so important to have it?

And, in the end, do we actually get that "power" or are we feeding into a system that only makes us believe that we have more control than we really do?

What is the point of "getting an education?"


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