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Unconscious at the Shore

What I will take with me from this institute as compared to the institute in 2009 is a deeper understanding of how my unconscious affects my conscious. I really enjoy reading Susan's entries  She writes on another level of thought. I hope she appreciates having a great level of intelligence. What seems to get in my way is the unconscious that holds me down from new experiences- it holds my conscious down and won't let it push forward. I am trying to move forward, but alas I am bogged down in the clutter of things in my brain and the clutter of things in my den. I have one month to get my new classroom together, to create a plan for success by bypassing my past years (in teaching). I have too much to do through next week, but then I'll have a whole week to "learn how to be a better educator."  I have to use what we talked about in the institute more wisely in the classroom. I relish a lot of the discussions too by the participants in this summer's institute. Keith is inspiring and I will incorporate what he and a few others suggested I take back to the new (teaching) position.

What I mean by Unconscious at the Shore is that I was at Harvey Cedars, on Long Beach Island, New Jersey a few days ago and I was fascinated by the images as I watched the sun roll through the clouds, by the way families interacted with each other, and by the vast sand-filled beach that spread in front of me as I walked unconsciously towards the Atlantic Ocean.


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