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Open-ended inquiry and co-constructive dialogue

Open-ended transactional inquiry and co-constructive dialogue is perhaps one of the best ways,  if not the best way,  to teach science to learners.  (We must keep in mind that science covers the entire curriculum because everything we learn is done in the brain and the entire nervous system and involves processes of observations, outputs, inputs, and interactions.) Using the method, students must be engaged.  Information is more likely to be retained, if the student is actively participating.  The teacher must be non-judgmental, willing to allow the students the freedom to explore and make mistakes, and be flexible.  The teacher must recognize that each student is an individual with diverse needs which must be considered on an individual basis.  The student must be open-minded and uninhibited enough to actively and positively interact respectfully with those in the learning environment.  There should be boundaries established by the group: as few as possible to maintain safety, respect, etc..  I am not ready, this moment,  to try it here, but I am searching for a possible topic.


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