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Open ended transaction co-constructive dialogue

Wow! What a mouth full!  I had some trouble understanding the concept but I tied it with the article on Daydreaming and I think it makes more sense, at least in my mind .  In order for this process to work we, the teacher would have to loosen up and give the students a chance to daydream.  I know what you are thinking they will probably want to start talking or texting but it can be done if the ground rules are set.  (Some people already do this we they ask the students to brainstorm specific ideas!)  I think the students would be able to express themselves without the feeling that it would count as a grade and I this would have to be carefully guided by the teacher to keep the students on tract.  Throwing ideas out to the students on purpose and trying your best not to answer the questions will be difficult at first for the teacher but over time very do able.  Unfortunately, because of testing and AYP I don't think so many teachers will allow their students to daydream over major topics for long periods of time.  In the beginning I would try 5-10 minute bursts.  I, would enjoy doing this in my classroom.  I think if more students were given the opportunity to dwell on an item for an extensive amount of time, in the long run they will do better.  In order for this to work, the teacher as well as the students have to learn to trust each other and that is difficult in an age of instant gratification.  The teacher must introduce a positive trusting atmosphere in the classroom.  Ideally, let each student know that what they say is important and they will not be penalized for things that they might struggle with or don't understand.  The student also must be willing to let go and allow their self to just think/meditate.  I think there is a place and a time for this in the classroom, formally we called it brain storming but this is more of self reflection with a purpose in mid that will help the student just think.  We need to structure some time in the students' day that will encourage this.  Five minutes here and there will help the students change their perspective and let their creative juices flow.  I think that we already do this in the institute.  I really like the fact that you are challenging us in a positive to way, Paul.  This is what allows me to grow as a teacher!  I was just thinking about the questions and this was a part of my mind daydreaming!


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