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 In the beginning of the semester I was not quite sure where I stood on the spectrum, but now I am on the Dickinsonian side. While I still acknowledge the possibility of something bigger than us, that there is a mind within everyone. However, I do agree that the brain does equal behavior and I think the course definitely helped me expand my understanding of how much of behavior can be accounted for by the brain.

I think the most novel idea from class that will stick with me is the I-function. I probably had some idea of what it stands for before taking this class, but I didn’t have a definitive understanding nor did I have a label for it. For me, the most exciting conversation in class revolved around perception, especially visual perception and how much of what we experience is a construction of the mind. I’m not sure I really ever knew how active our unconscious is or how much of a role it has in how I perceive the world. I also really enjoyed being challenged by this course. As a biology major, science has always been a right and wrong answer. But now, I like that I can recognize when there isn’t always a right answer or when there are a thousand more possibilities to explain a phenomenon.

In the future, I would like to see more research on artificial intelligence and how achievable it is. Is this something that would even be useful or desirable? Also, it would be great if there were non-pharmacological treatments for psychological disorders. Finally, I would love to see advancements in the area of those unexplainable sensations, including but not limited to, pain and itching.  


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