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Can't trust my brain

I found McGurk effect, Blind Spot test, and Checkerboard exercises in this week’s classes very interesting and fun. Examples always make abstract ideas that can’t be examined by eyes more approachable and easier to understand. But in these examples, we could even do it to ourselves and see it happening and it was really fun and educational at the same time. However, at first they were just fun, but then I thought “I can’t trust my brain!” I want to see and things the way they are and don’t have them changed by the time those information reach my brain. I want to hear “dada” when he says dada, I want to see a black dot if it is on the paper, in front of me, and I want to see the two boxes on the Checkerboard as same colors when they are same colors. I always assumed “healthy” brain to be more “absolute” in receiving information, but in fact I feel very vulnerable to outside effect and can’t trust what I see or hear.



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