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Questions on Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a condition in which one perceives the world through the amalgamation of two different senses. For example, people are able to see a color when they hear a certain pitch. But would it be possible for the same person to hear a pitch when they see a certain color. Would this unusual perception change over time? For example, if a person heard a certain pitch and saw the color blue, would the same person see another color corresponding to the same pitch later  in life? If this were true, then synesthesia would be somewhat like a dream, which changes with our emotional state of mind.Since these neural connections in the brain causing synesthesia are random and illogical, would it be possible to undo these connections through the process of learning? If a repetitive activity is able to create a central pattern generation, which can be dismantled through lack of use, could the  neural connections causing synesthesia be dismantled?


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