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Mid-Semester Review

 I am not sure that I have many comments on the class other than that I am enjoying the conversation greatly and find that I learn so much from everyone else in the class. I did have a hard time keeping up with some of the readings, and I find I don't always understand what I am reading until I get to class and we discuss it. I think that I have finally gotten a hang of Serendip (thanks to a lot of help) and so I hope that I can be better about postings this next half of the semester. I have to say, as we move on to William James, I am slightly disappointed that we are not spending more time on Henry James as I found his writing so interesting (both while reading and in discussions). I can only hope that I enjoy William as much. I have enjoyed writing both assignments, after the initial disturbance at such an open ended assignment which I am not accustomed to. I think that the notes that Anne puts up in class that are then online to later refer back to are very helpful, especially if I miss a class (students' notes are also helpful in that way, but not so essential to me). I am getting used to the way things work in one of Anne's classes and find that more used to the style I become, the more I enjoy them. 

Thank you for a great class so far!!


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