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The Mind: Alice in Bed



"Alice: I have these grand thoughts, moments when my mind is flooded by a luminous wave that fills me with the sense of potency of vitality of understanding, and I feel I've pierced the mystery of the universe...." (36)


I love the idea of your mind being flooded with waves. I never thought about my mind as liquid and fluid, but now I cannot think of another way to describe it. The way that thoughts wash in and out of my mind, some making bigger splashes than others, some coming in farther than others as if the tide is coming in or out. 

I also liked this thought of Margaret's: "Unhappiness may only be a mistake. A mental mistake that you could still undo." (54) I like how this quote is based on the idea that we are meant to be happy rather than unhappy; that we are in control of our minds and are the sole leader of its thoughts. It is also interesting that mistakes can be undone and are not permanent, as is sometimes proposed. If our mind is flooded by waves, then it is only reasonable to think that the waves could be smooth over the mistake of unhappiness like the waves smooth over the sand a wave at a time. 

If forced to original, I suppose my mind is like a spider's web. The center is the original thought which, as the web grows, is added to by connecting other layers to the original thought. The center may be completely unattached to the outer part of the web, but the path that took the spider there can easily be tracked and ultimately understood.




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