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Something different

 Hi, everyone, so I know we're on the path toward looking at the brain and what can be stored and created as our own reality or illusion. However you want to see it. I wanted to pick on what we first discussed, the lovely quotes. I find it interesting that we have come to show how love works, or how we think it works, taking away the magic of the emotion and placing it in more scientific terms of the visionary and chemical. We take out the mystery and it seems like the fun of the belief in the fantasy. Or with moral intuitions, like knowing what is right and wrong. I always liked thinking that it comes from the heart or I guess the conscience. The little voice in your head that you like to listen to and figure if you're doing the right thing. Why not leave it as our own little Geppetto who warns us when we are heading in the wrong direction? I know that it is great to explore and figure out the mysteries, question everything that comes into your path and then suddenly bring it into terms that make sense. Like Galileo, Darwin, and Freud challenging beliefs that sometimes make us feel better about ourselves, about the unexpected. Going through this course and trying to understand the wonders of the brain and behavior, trying to make sense of what they are. I would like to keep some of my fantasies and belief in magic. Going back to love I like to read about what it is, what has been discovered but I also like to keep a little mystery tucked within. I like to combine the old with the new information I learn about but when some of the new information tries to take away the fun of the imagination I sometimes want to ignore it, and keep some of the wonder. 


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