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Trapped Within Ourselves

  From last week's discussion, I am convinced that there is only the world that exists in our brain. We are each prisoners to our own subjective world of experience. My experience of the world is wholly unique to me and can never be fully understood by another. This experience and interaction with what my brain interprets and interacts with the world outside of my consciousness is my subjective reality. The only universal reality is the experience of experiencing. I believe that experience is the delicate interplay between my biology and conscious soul each interacting with the shortcomings of the other. I can never understand another person’s reality. Perhaps their reality is my fantasy and vice versa. Therefore, I can never fully construct who they are because I am blinded by my brain’s objective intent to construct what only it communicates to my consciousness what I can see, feel, touch, smell, or taste.


 By continually failing to realize the truth of another, I am constantly coloring the possibilities of who I am.  I learn less and less about what objectively exists outside of myself, but I learn more about the way I experience my unique sense of life and reality in general. After acknowledging the impossibility of an absolute external truth it is important to accept the shortcomings of reality and appreciate the strengths of experience itself within the framework of a collective consciousness. In many ways, science is a form of collective consciousness within our society.  The discussion from last class, debunks the infallibility of science as an absolute but provides a gateway into many new avenues thought. It is exciting to me how we are trapped behind ourselves and only become further trapped into who we are when we try to free ourselves from it. Science, when viewed as a collective conscious construct no longer clashes with its objective heir. As a collective consciousness, science becomes an abstract but unifying force to push and discover the awesomeness of the limits of our own experiences and eternally fail to unite them with an impossible Truth, the world outside of our brain.



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