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From Complexity to Emergence and Beyond

Gerald Schroeder, The Science of God, states, “The Hebrew word for evening is erev.  The root of erev is disorder, mixture, chaos.  The Hebrew word for morning is boker, its root being orderly, able to be discerned.  In the subtle language of evening and morning, centuries before the Greek words for chaos and cosmos were ever written…the Bible described a step-by step flow from disorder (erev) to order (boker); from the plasma of the big bang to the harmony of life” (97). (Genesis 1).  

I’m not is total disagreement with the idea of Emergence, but I do not agree with the idea of lack or purpose and that, “organization can exist without either a conductor or an architect” (6).  The creation of this Universe has been very purposely and this can be seem through the life and environment on the Earth.  I don’t like how you do not allow the door open for any other ideas, beside this one of things “…have no explanation OTHER than…”(7).  If simple things interact with simple things, why can’t it be guided by something?

Also, your Biblical reference to the “Word” is not entirely accurate. This encompasses God, the Bible, Jesus…many more things that you have allowed for.



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