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Wrap Up

This course has showed me biology in a way that I have never seen it before. It amazes me that biology has connections with nearly every other discipline in existence, which is truly mind-blowing considering that I had never previously thought that science had any relevance to any field other than science. My three questions are:

1. How much do we really know our bodies? For so many years, the popular belief was that as much screening as possible for various diseases was the deterrent against illness, but now with a report saying that women should actually get screened for breast cancer less often, how much truth do our other beliefs about screening and disease prevention hold?

2. How much longer will our ecosystem support us? Human beings continue to use more and more resources to accommodate more and more people, so it is only a matter of time before we run out of space and resources. This time is also shortened by the amount of havoc that we wreak on the environment.

3. What could possibly be the next stage in human evolution, and given the interconnectedness of all organisms, what would the ramifications be on the environment and other species?


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