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Reactions to Cliff

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After reading Cliff, I've noticed that she places much emphasis on projecting anger outwards rather than inwards as way to deal with oppression. She claims that she used the piece "If I could Write this in Fire I would Write this in Fire" to express her anger at her experience as a member of a colonized country. This has made me think about the power of words, and the prisons these "voices" can become, even when we see them as therapeutic. As I struggle with my identity as an immigrant, a woman of color, a latina, and a woman anger has been an option too many times but so has silence. So what is the best way to deal with the effects that all of the "-isms" have on us? I have used silence, and failed. As I swallowed my words I became angrier at my inability to point out statements or actions that I felt were hurtful to my community and myself. Silence, was what I was taught was the best way to handle these things in America, as my mother and father repeatedly brushed off blatantly disrespectful situations. I have also chosen anger. After coming to Bryn Mawr, I began being loud. I pointed out and sought situations that would allow me to "educate" those who spoke ignorant comments but that was exhausting. In both voice and silence I found myself unhappy when dealing with these "isms." I wonder how the author felt after releasing all of the anger, and how others deal with issues as deep as colonialism, racism, and sexism.