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Does it matter what we choose?

 I think that it always matters what we choose, because even if our decisions do not have a large impact on the world around us they at least have an impact on our own happiness. Every choice we make takes us in a different direction in our lives. Whatever we do now will affect us later, even if in the smallest possible way. One seemingly small decision and ten years down the road you can be working as a cashier in your hometown, a professor at a college, or a researcher well on your way to finding a cure for a disease.One seemingly small decision and 10 years from now you can be sitting across from the love of your life, your worst enemy, or no one at all. I think to say that our choices don't matter is like saying we don't matter. I think when we say it doesn't matter what we choose we sound like we are giving up. It's like saying, "It doesn't matter what I choose because it's not like it's going to make a difference." Maybe not to you it won't, but maybe it would to someone you care about. What if you decided not to go to your best friend's speech on human rights, or anything really, because you figured there would be so many people there she wouldn't even notice. But she did notice, and because you weren't there it seemed like you didn't care. The question is do you care enough about yourself and other people to believe your choices do matter? One vote may not seem like it is going to make a difference in a presidential election, but imagine if everyone had that same attitude. One vote makes a greater difference than no vote at all. Deanna, Lusa, and Garnett all make their fair share of choices, but it's not that those choices don't matter. If one of those characters changed their course of action their lives may not have intercepted in the end. Maybe that doesn't matter to the rest of the world, but it should matter to them.


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