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"Hakuna Matata"

to me this statement does hold some truths, but I also feel that it is also very dependent on the actual person making the decisions and what the decision it. I feel like over all decisions are made as an "end all be all" type of solution to a problem. Choosing the right computer or pair of jeans is now more than ever an activity that can induce the same amount of stress and anxiety as bunji jumping and it is just unessessary. In some situations it does matter what you choose but those decisions are not based on a grand scale they are still your decisions so make them how you see fit. but in the grand scheme of things the decisions we make dont really matter at all, as long as we dont hurt or abuse others  in the process and live our lives by the phrase "Hakuna Matata" it means no worries...(for the rest of your days)...we are here for a limited time only if we fret over the little things how can you truly live..unless that is just how you live (go for it)...these statements dont apply to like murders and stuff.


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