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every choice matters

No matter what you choose, there will always be consequences for choosing that particular choice. Whether you made the right or wrong choice, you will have to deal with something after it. Every options offer its' own merits. Sometimes, if you choose to make the wrong decision, you will get stuck in a cycle that is hard to break. Besides that, what you choose will definitely have something to do with your life. Thus, it does matter what we choose.

If what we choose does not matter, why bother living our life? We might as well just kill ourselves because it does not matter whether we live or not. I strongly disagree with Deanna about how our choice does not matter. What we choose to do in life will somehow define our life. If we want to live a meaningful life, then we have to choose the right choices. That is why, again, what we choose matters a lot.

In practical life, we are faced with options that may look simple and trivial. People often think that this kind of options will not affect our life if we choose a particular one randomly. They are wrong. Even the tiniest thing does matter. This small thing will eventually lead us to something bigger and more significant. 


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