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I may be Deanna

Deanna reflects on choice in various parts throughout the novel. In a conversation with Jerry, she remarks, "Tell me something Jerry. If the President got shot his afternoon, what would you do tomorrow that wouldn't be any different from what you'd do if he hadn't?" (Kingsolver 249). For Deanna specifically, she thrives on this notion that she is independent and removed from society and her past life. For her, she finds comfort in knowing that what she does one day will not effect her future.

I'd have to agree with her. Most of the time I'd be riddled with anxiety if I had to think about the long-term picture. And when I'm face with times that I know my choices will affect my future I usually go through an internal struggle similar to Deanna's. When I had to apply to colleges last year I knew I wouldn't apply ED because that one application would dictate my next four years. I also attempted to stay emotionally disconnected when I was visiting schools so the decision seemed less critical in my life than I knew it was. In a similar respect, Deanna doesn't have a long term plan until Eddie comes and then she has to face the idea of their future together.

Deanna and I realize that what we choose will matter. And one coping mechanism is emotionally detaching ourselves from the conflict, or at least trying.


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