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There can be no other answer than "Yes"a

I always believe in the validity of choice.  This isn't a comment on the existence (or non-existence) of God or Fate.  It isn't even a comment on the pros and cons of democratic republics. I've always believed in the power of my choices, as well as the principle that there are personal, social, political, economic, GLOBAL consequences to everything that I do.  I believe in the interconnectedness of all things and people, I believe in a global ecology.  I see things much the same as Deanna sees them, but I imagine it all on a global level.  I know that my choice to turn on a light will effect everything from the creatures that live in area surrounding the coal mines which generate that electricity, to the coal miners' health, to the quality of air that someone hundreds of miles away from me breathes. Perhaps I weigh too heavily on the consequences of choice, but I believe that's where the power of it comes from.  

I read a novel once in which the author asserted that "humans are cowards in the face of true happiness". It spoke to me, and from that quote I ascertained one of my general perceptions of life: All Life is a series of choices, and everything matters because one's personal happiness is the deciding factor between a life worth living and one that could have been spent more wisely. I always make sure to choose the path that makes me the happiest, and so it is an indisputable fact that YES, it always matters what you choose!


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