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This class does a great job of scaring me. On Wednesday we talked about extinction and how there is a high chance that we will one day become extinct. 90% of all species have become extinct?? Our chances are low...

With all the green movements and environment consciousness, we tend to try to send out the message "save the earth." But as professor grobstein said, the earth is pretty resilient. We're killing ourselves.

I feel like that would be a much better message--"save us!" Yes I care about the environment and all the other species we are killing along the way, but they put the message out like a nagging mother about a dirty room, "save our planet, keep our home clean." I think we need to start thinking about ourselves to maybe make some change, because goodness knows we humans don't care much about the rest of the earth.

I guess I wish we could care about both ourselves and the rest of the earth. Either case we have to stop doing damage that might bring us to extinction!


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