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Humans and supreme power?

 The discussion about the possibility of the human race wiping out every other form of life on Earth seemed very disturbing. Since the very beginning, human beings have taken undue advantage of their environment which has resulted in the loss of a variety of flora and fauna, as seen by the extinction and endangering of several species such as the.. dodo, and the Royal Bengal Tiger, respectively. We have managed, in the past, to wipe out entire species to fulfil our vested interests and nothing will prevent us from doing so in the future. If anything, we are technologically more advanced and have greater greed and need to satisfy.

However, as pointed out by several others during class discussions, life on Earth is interlinked and interdependent, and as much as we would like to believe otherwise, our existence is dependent, if not completely determined, by the existence of other life forms. If we set out to disturb the environmental equilibrium and wipe out various species, we will be courting self-destruction. And going by past probability, I fear the courting will prove to be fruitful. Sort of like a suicide bomber setting out to destroy his target, skillfuly succeeding, but ending up destroying himself as well, in the process.


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