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Can we have another day of praying?:( Puh-leeezeee?

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I enjoyed reading about Professor Beard and Sister Chittiste because they completely shattered stereotypes for me. When I think of a nun, I think of a very quiet, reserved and hidden (dress and location-wise) woman who spends most of her days reading the bible. This image is a little extreme and even though I knew that it was not entirely true growing up, I had nothing to challenge it. So I was surprised to read that Professor Beard doubted her relationship to God and her faith well into adulthood and I was VERY surprised to read about Sister Chittiste's activism and to hear her describe our country so well in the context of sin and belief.

Despite the readings, I am still a little nervous about Professor Beard's visit on Tuesday. Last Thursday when we meditated/contemplated/prayed, I was quite comfortable because I was alone with who I, as an agnostic, believed God to be and my relationship to faith. However, by having a nun (even though I have conversed with her before and know that this is not her only identifying characteristic) I know I will get nervous around how to behave. Partly because I don't want to behave or say something in a way that would disrespect her belief and partly because I don't want to feel pressured to behave a certain way--something about being judged on right and wrong makes me uncomfortable...there are no gray areas. This issue is more complex than I can articulate and I know there will be no judging on Professor Beard's part but her existence will bring up those feelings for me. All I can say is that I would much rather spend the whole class in silence contemplating who God is to me than feeling like I have be in a religion to love God and to recognize the good in myself and others.