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Time, Evolution and Human Extinction

Our discussion about the extinction of the human race really intrigued me because there are so many ways of viewing this debate. There is the scare that the human race will wipe itself out due to its own actions, thus the ever-present "Global warming" issues that have sparked several debates of whether it is an actual issue, or something that people don't need to worry about.

My viewpoint on this issue? There are some events which could most definitely wipe us out, but it would have to be a one-time, sudden, big enough impact, such as a meteor (or other space-related object) collision, or nuclear in terms of MAD (mutually assured destruction), or to include a religious side, divine intervention. Don't get me wrong--I do believe in the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming--I have witnessed its devastating effects on my own people, my own country just very recently, but I doubt that humanity would go extinct because of it. We're pretty smart and very adaptable. And we can be pretty tough when it comes to survival.

The dinos didn't develop our kind of technology as fast as we are able to, and I believe humans have more resources in their favor than any other species, in terms of brain power, being on top of the food chain, physical attributes, etc, so I truly believe that the human race will continue for a long time. The idea of evolution in this line of thought is very welcome as well, because as I mentioned, I do believe that global warming (or if you don't believe in that, then the natural way the world will change and how human presence is changing it) will inevitably lead to human evolution. Whether we need to adapt to living underwater or outer space, I believe we (or our descendants) will live to see that day.

But of course, the above is my viewpoint. But I do know that we will NEVER know what will happen, we can only guess. Along with the idea that we don’t know what is real—human intelligence is SO small and limited that something so completely out of our understanding can interfere with the reality or life, or whatever as we know it. It's pretty exhilarating, actually.


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