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graphic novels

I'm glad that we read The Doll's House.  Personally, I am happy that I have been exposed to a graphic novel / comic book that I actually enjoyed.  I really did have pretty severe judgements about comic books and my dislike for them.  Yet this graphic novel made me realized that not all comics are about talking cats or super heroes.  Not to mention, I am a big fan of movies, texts, conversations, etc. that argue the world isn't what it seems.  Another world actually controlling us?  I'm on board.  I wouldn't be suprised if it was true that a dream world was pulling the strings and that we are dolls.  

It took me a while to understand how to read a comic book - I kept on reading the wrong frames at the wrong time - confused if I read across or down or followed little blurbs that connected.  I got the hang of it eventually and by the end could read it as easily as a plain text novel.  I'm thinking of maybe reading Watchmen now that I've been exposed to this genre.  So overall, getting used to this new genre was the best part of this particular book.  I'm really glad that it wasn't explicitely gender/sexuality based.  It is so obvious to read papers and books about feminist thought or gender issues.  It is so much more interesting to read a text about a dream world and think about the role it plays in gender and sexuality.


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