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The Dollhouse

After reading "The Dollhouse," and trying to think of it in relation to gender and sexuality, I just found myself confused. I wasn't exactly sure how to read a message about gender or sexuality in the novel. I felt like maybe I was missing some kind of allegorical representation or something, or maybe I was just thinking too hard. If anything, I found that the conclusion might have had some relevance to a message of gender and sexuality. If, in fact, it did, it left me feeling a little disappointed: if they were all just "dolls," and there wasn't really any way they could change their situation, it just leaves one with a kind of resigned feeling. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say because I think maybe I'm missing something... All things aside though, I really enjoyed the novel (I read it all in one night haha). My only really problem right now is trying to connect it to what we're talking about in class...

Have a great weekend everyone!


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