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we've evolved and are still evolving

I think the word "change" is not the best verb for this circumstance. I believe that human nature cannot simply be changed. However, the way people live definitely has evolved over the ages and is still evolving. Human nature is something that is rooted deeply in our instincts. We cannot change what our nature is even if we wanted to, but we can alter our ways of viewing whatever matter of choice it is we are facing. By that, human nature can be affected, but natural instincts cannot be eliminated or changed. For instance, humans were born to be omnivores; yet, as we evolve, some people stopped being omnivores and started to choose other ways of eating. This change is not a change of human nature, but an alternation of the way people view and choose the food on their plates. It is completely subjective. I think vegetarians still have, in some part of their human nature, the hunger for meat, although they somehow avoid meat in favor of beliefs or diets. Therefore, that does not mean their human nature has been changed, it only made people have an evolved way of eating because of personal preference. It is also my opinion that even if we can, we should not change our human nature. Human nature is what makes us human, it defines who we are in this food chain and distinguish us from other living beings, and for these reasons we should never change it.


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