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Post for Week 1: Thoughts on discussion

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 Our discussions of evolution and stories have really captivated me. The concept of truth being absent from science is a new one for me. I had always accepted that science was about facts, concrete details that were definable and correct about the universe. This new perception of science is a little mind-boggling for me. I'm fascinated by the idea that science only disproves theories, that evolution itself is only another story. If science is truly furthered by disproving ideas, then it seems to me that the failure of a theory is really a success for scientific exploration. I think there's also a connection between this scientific exploration and evolution. We used the example of the Flat-Earth theory in class. The idea that the world was in fact round was groundbreaking and revolutionary – and resulted in an evolution of thought. If we define evolution as a “story,” then I see science itself is also an evolving story.


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