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So what?


I can see why people may object to eating meat that has been artificially made but really what is the big deal? We make our babies in laboratories nowadays so why not the food we eat? Morals and ethics aside logically speaking it will probably not be possible for mankind to survive as a species unless we take such a step. What with predictions of adding two Chinas to the already overpopulated planet, it seems kind of strange even thinking that science would not have to intervene at some point. In my eyes better sooner than later so really, what is the problem? It is not like the food we eat now tastes or even looks anything like the source (which is why most people can eat it). Since we have accepted cans, packaged food and most importantly buying meat when we do not even know whether it comes from the same animal that it says it does on the box, what is so difficult in accepting something that looks just a little more alien and is (possibly) a lot healthier? We are already alienated from our food source (when was the last time you hunted down the animal that you wanted to eat?) so another step which is more in our own interest (when is it not?) than anything else will hardly make a difference. It just depends on how you look at it. Humans trust instinctively, which is why we have gotten so far. Hence, this is just another leap of faith which all of humanity will have to take eventually, so why crib?
 Is it possible to change human nature? Well, the very fact that mankind has come to a point where it can possibly cause its own destruction proves that we haven’t changed all that much. We are still greedy and selfish. We are willing to accept the fact that entire species of animals have gone extinct just to satisfy our greed. On the surface, possibly, we can and do change but at the very core I think change is impossible. Society may make us the civil and polite people that we are and make us feel that each and every one of us is a distinct individual but deep down we are all really the same. All of us want the same things it is just the means that we use to reach these ends which are different.


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