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The "Green Noise" article

The "Green Noise" article made human nature much more clearer for me to comprehend.
In my opinion, humans stubbornly fight change in all respects. For instance, aging, which is a completely natural process, is fought against with loads of cosmetics, botox and face peels. So, back to the green noise idea, humans were willing to grasp onto the environmentally-friendly lifestyle, but once things traveled to the grey area, people tuned out.
Can we change human nature? Well sure, I do think it can be done, but only with a simple cause and effect approach, which is unrealistic. In my limited experience of 18 years, people tend to be too comfortable in their current positions to want to sacrifice for a goal they can't yet see the benefits of in their lifetime.
It's too convenient for someone to just go through a McDonnalds' drive through than research the conflicting healthy living articles. This tendency to stay the same is what I believe is human nature and although I do think we could alter it globally, I think it would have to be very clear what the ultimate goal would be.


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