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thinking out loud

Maybe the fact that there are no facts doesn’t have to be depressing and can instead be liberating. we make observations because in science, like in almost every  path of life, we are searching for an ultimate truth and as we walk on the path to discover that, we pick up some concepts and disregard others, hence making out own trail of falsehoods. No one is bound by what we see as false unless they allow themselves to be conditioned to believe it. 

From what I gathered during class, science seems to be as interwoven into human experiences and thought processes as say philosophy or psychology. Science, like the human mind doesn’t doubt as much as it questions. You present an idea to yourself and then investigate it. See how you feel about it, look at it from all angles and see if you agree with it. Isn’t that what we do for everything? When we search for our own beliefs or reasons, we questions things - ourselves, our circumstances, and our thoughts. And it circulates in our head until we make peace with it. I think that science works the same way; you see something, believe it for the moment, then play with it, tease it, compare it to other things, and if you make your peace with it, stick to it. Otherwise, you keep looking.

The concept of truth is so subjective. What’s true to you or I could be insanity to a third person. I don’t think that science views the cup as half empty in the pessimistic sense. I think it’s half empty because there’s always room to question more, search for more etc

the same goes for the way it treats facts, observations are regarded as 'true' until proven otherwise, making it quite like the American judicial system.

This isn't a harsh outburst though I realise it might look like one, it's just random ramblings from my mind.


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