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Getting Acquainted....and Getting Organized

Anne Dalke's picture

I. Anne: getting acquainted, via wagon wheel/carousel/microlab….
pair up in two concentric circles, across from someone you don't know

tell one another:
1) if you were an imaginary (literary, filmic, gaming) character,
who would you be?
if you were a life form other than human, what might it be?
if you were a (non-organic) structure, what might that be?
(for example, if you were an institution what might that be?)
2) what is your name and preferred pronoun?
(tell each other all the pronouns you’ve ever heard of)
how do you identify yourself racially and/or ethnically?
(how have others identified you racially and/or ethnically?)
3) describe the building and the room you lived in
 when you started kindergarten; then…
describe the building and the room you live in now
4) describe a time when you were silenced;
describe a time when you chose silence
5) describe a time when you had voice
6) is there anything that you are afraid to talk about/
are you worried/concerned about our talking about in this class?
7) describe something you saw today
8) what is your vision of this 360?
9) what get-acquainted question should we have asked, but didn't?

II. Jody
: Reflecting on what emerged, as our wagon wheel "turned…."

III. Barb:
info session
A) here's where we'll be:
FDC, 12:30-3:30 alternative Fridays
how we'll get there
what you can bring w/ you, etc.
weeks between: lunch 11:30-12:30?

B) Anne: using Serendip to begin co-creating the course:

IV. Anne/all: Wrap-up

What questions remain/are emerging/do we bring to this course?
What particular issues might we want to address in this class?
What ideas do we have now, about how we
might go about having these conversations?