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Hi my name is Keshia Koech, I am a freshman at Bryn Mawr College and I am from Boston, MA. I havent decided on my major yet so I am very much undecided right now. From what I remember from high school I really liked Biology and loved learning about it. With that said I would much rather learn Biology in a more conversational setting. I enjoy learning in non-conventional ways and I think Biology is a subject that should be approached from many different angles to be able to truly achieve a more complete understanding of it.

3 Questions:

1) How do we think? ( weird question but I am very curious about how the brain works like why do we do the things we do is it really us or our we even have control over our thoughts)

2) What makes somebody smarter than somebody else? ( Is it natural like genetic or is it a cultural it even related to biology?)

3)What is music and arts effect on the brain? (As I write this I am listening to music and depending on the song I feel different emotions..why is that? and also what are feelings, why do we have them?)


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