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Hi my name is Tina Hu. I am a senior cities major. This is my last year in Bryn Mawr so I would like to use this opportunity to explore academically and take classes that fascinates me. I Have not taken a biology class since 9th grade, however I consider many of my cities courses very relevant to biology as there is just as much an ecology in urban environment than in the wild.

Three questions that I would like to explore:

1.) Climate change. I learned recently that in an known number of decades, my hometown Taipei in Taiwan will be nothing more than a part of the Pacific Ocean.

2.) Someone else has mentioned this already, but I would like to say it again- the issue of living organically, mostly focusing on the validity of organic lifestyle and the benefits on health.

3.) I am slightly embarrassed to include this one, but I recently watched a BBC documentary on crop circles, in which the unofficial conclusion is that crop circles are irrefutable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.


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