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  I found the input-output


I found the input-output box system model of our brain to be very helpful in understanding more about the brain.  I think explaining that the sensory neurons are the inputs and that the motor neurons are the outputs makes the information about the brain more accessible and understandable.  It was also interesting to hear people's thoughts on the percentage of the different types of neurons in the brain.  It seemed like most people thought that interneurons made up a majority of the neurons in the brain, but that motor and sensory neurons also make up a small portion of the neurons.  No one thought that 99.99999999% of neurons would be interneurons.

I want to comment on Jill's post about special education and helping every child reach the same external goal to be like every other student.  I think she brings up an important point that many educators do not think about the specific needs of each child, and how every kid has a different brain and learning style.  But, it is impossible to consider the needs of each individual student.  How do you think that the education system can be changed?  How would they be able to better understand the variety of brains and accommodate them?  Would they break students into groups based on their learning styles?



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