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7/8 AM Summary

Does the brain ever rest.  When?                                                                             

Does the  brain need to rest?  Why?

How does the brain rest?

Does the brain rejuvenate?  How?


Teaching Process:  Instruction, Modeling, and Practice.

How does the brain of savants work?  Does the brains of twin savants work as our does, as it relates to twins?  If not, how does the brains of savant twins work?

Is EVERYTHING in a box?

Genes influence, not determine, the brain.

Neurons:  sensory - input, motor - output, interneurons - all others; sending signals.

God made our brain...but our brain is not our God.  In Isaiah He speaks of our thoughts not being His Thoughts and our ways not being His Ways.  His Thoughts and Ways are higher than our thoughts and ways.  Who can compare themself to God?  No one.


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