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I think that you hit upon an

I think that you hit upon an extremely difficult point to address, but one that needs to be addressed in order to change the way we approach education and, in turn, assessments.  It is common knowledge that high schools formulate curriculums in order to teach the ACT and SAT tests to be admitted into college -- my own high school implemented a class aptly subscripted with, 'how to get a good grade on the ACT.'  This seems so terribly far away from what I see education as being.  I see education as forever-learning: learning as much as you can to formulate an opinion about a subject, and being open enough to listen to other's opinions in order to again formulate a new opinion of your own.  It seems like a process to me -- a process of developing.  Our education system seems to be a system encouraging outcomes and conclusions, not the process of lifelong learning.  I wonder, because it seems to me that lifelong learning seems far more applicable than reaching one conclusion, why the education system ended up like this, today.


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