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I often use models to demonstrate concepts in a physical form and using virtual models are very convenient as a starting place for my students. As much as possible, I have the students make a physical model of conceptual ideas. Turning the abstract to something physical is a step in a new direction for most of them and can become quite artistic and require their explanation to help us understand their construction.


I like doing this in class as much as possible. It is like a discrepant event and the students need to switch gears in their brains to build it. There is no wrong in what they do as long as the explanation is good.


Using the existing virtual model is convenient but I hate that it has an "answer". The ant travels in that pattern because of his 2 particular programmed directions and yes, it is not an ant. I rail against giving answers to how things work but love for students to continue their own musings. I am hoping that from their 'imaginings' that they will be motivated to perhaps find their own answers through their own models.

This is the emergence that I strive to produce


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