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Understanding Scale/Assessment

Wow!  This lesson was really deep.  Most of it went over my head but....................................I reflected on Paul Burgmayer's introduction.  I was so interested in what he was going to say.  However, after a while I was lost because I didn't remember the formula, tools and how to use them.  In retrospect  however, I do remember my introductions given to the General Music class.  My first statement was "picture a world without music". What would the world be like? Why do the supermarkets have music playing while you shop? How does music fit into your world?  These questions generated metacognition upon which I built class discussion of their stories even before we opened a music book.  Some responses were....I whistle while I walk; music helps to pass the time; music can tell the story of what's happening on TV if you're not in the room; without music our world would be dull, uninteresting, not exciting and maybe no meaning. 

Then Joyce comes with the straws and it begins to make a little sense because it was tangible and I could see the relevance between students, the real world, etc. a model we can feel and touch.nd I guess that's a kind of assessment of students nit just doing the process in their head but applying it to a 


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