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Response to first meeting

Greetings --

Some thoughts that follow for me from the first meeting I attended:

-- Mark's question, in response to a thread of conversation: "If there have to be rules for emergence, what are they?"

-- My enjoyment of a sense of enough time, absence of hurry -- and wondering how this connects with loosening structure and immediate concern for outcome.

-- Curiosity about how to make cross-disciplinary conversation work here without people feeling the need to set themselves up as spokespeople for our respective disciplines.

-- Appreciation for Paul's explicit invitation to speak as oneself, in one's own voice, from one's own specific perspective/experience/language (not exactly Paul's terms here, but this is the sense I took), because it's that way of working that's apt to be most generative.  To me, this is important -- that one way to include people's subjectivities pedagogically is to invite storytelling, and/but another is to invite personal idiom.  A broader issue raised here is what kinds of facilitation scaffold generative collaborations in a group of this kind. 

-- Looking forward --



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