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7/31 AM Inquiry Reflections

Realizing there is no specific link for these comments, that they are to be posted as a 'reply' to the initial comment is a relief.  I had gotten in the habit of posting A.M. and P.M. comments via a designated link for the previous two weeks, and with this session I had to adapt most sessions, in frustration, due to the absence of that 'structure'.

I stand by my original story regarding Inquiry, realizing and learning other aspects as I have progressed through this session.  I appreciate Steve's working definition of Metacogntion, 'Thinking about Thinking'.

I am relieved for Will that he allowed his doors opened affording him to realize that Inquiry is guided, structured if you will. As vunerable as he strived for us to be, I am glad he allowed himself to be the same.  His catharsis is refreshing for him, and again a relief for teachers everywhere...who strive to bring needed structured to their class and students.

Structure has a reason and a purpose.  Neither of which is to inhibit, but to keep on track as we inquire, explore, ask, realize, learn, and keep the progess progressive.


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