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At the end of two weeks, my

At the end of two weeks, my definition of what inquiry is hasn't changed much.  If nothing else I can now view inquiry as having stages, the one most frequently used being guided inquiry.  It is only through personal understanding, personal experiences and curiousity that people learn or it "really sticks".  I think we keep trying to define what iquiry is and where it should take place.  Let's applaud the fact that regardless of rather or not "inquiry" is taking place in a classroom (to learn information someone else has deemed important and not always relevant to you)it is occurring in the most natural and unpredictable setting " the real world".

Think of all of the important lessons you learned away from school.  All the "hands on" experiences you had that helped shape you.  Hands on lessons including learning proper social skills, interacting with the opposite sex and so on.  Questioning the knowledge of your peers, parents, teachers and every other adult you crossed paths with.  It has been thru these experiences that you have learned, grown and made sense of the world around you. 

Cheer up people our kids are learning everyday thru inquiry!!!!!




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