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Revised thoughts on inquiry

I still agree with my initial thoughts on the model of inquiry. 

What has changed in my understanding, is that I now think that I can use this model as the way to structure an overall investigation into a broad topic, while having a variety of activities within this broad structure.  Ever since my school made a decision to teach through inquiry, I have felt some guilt because I didn't feel that I was really truly teaching through "True Inquiry", but was using it only sporatically or using an approximation of inquiry.  I now feel like I'm actually doing a fairly good job, and feel more comfortable with my practice.  I now think it is fine, good, and efficient to use guided and directed experiences within a larger inquiry in order to provide the class with a variety of experiences, information, and understanding. 

There are things that I will rethink and revise.  I can think of a bunch of activities that I traditionally do with my class that I can open up and tweak to make more inquiry like and empower the students.  I've thought a lot about how to help the kids get more out of field trips, but changing the field trip to be an inquiry activity. 

I've also realized how important establishing a safe community of learners and explorers is for a successful inquiry experience. 


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