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science and fiction

How does literature and science intersect? Some would say that they don't, that they occupy two different levels of the human experiance. I would like to disagree with that statment. To aid in my arguement I would like to use a quote that I included in my paper from the book The Science of Discworld.

"Because a lot of science is really about this non-existent world of thought experiments, our understanding of science must concern itself with worlds of the imagination as well as worlds of reality. Imagination, rather than mere intelligence, is the truly human quality" (12).

This book is an excellent one to read along with this class as it weaves a creative short story writen by the ever clever Terry Pratchett and a scientific narrative written by mathematician Ian Stewart and biologist Jack Cohen. The idea behind the book is to unite the fiction and non fiction as a way to both explain and parody the science. In this literature and science support one another by supplying each with material to work with. Literature comes up with creative guesses (some absurd but some accurate) while science responds with even stranger theories. Science and the world of human imagination feed into one another to further humanity in every respect.


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