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more on dreams, science, art

Very intriguing link between dreams and science/art.  Yep, there are elements of "mimicry" in our dreams and elements of going beyond mimicry ("beyond history"), to create from the past new things. So dreams are, like evolution, rooted in the past but capable of moving beyond it?  have, perhaps, some skyhook character to them?

So perhaps dreams are both science and art, because both science and art are not solely about representation but also about "a new discovery ... further inquiry"?  Like evolution, dreams and science and art are not about getting to a particular place but rather about moving beyond wherever one is at a given time?  The objective isn't representation but creation? 

My guess is that both Feyerabend and Sontag would actually be quite comfortable with that conclusion.  What they are each suggesting, I think, is not at all that we shoud move beyond "the confines of our own subjectivity," but rather than we should use our consciousness to move beyond the confines of our consciousness as it exists at any given time.  "Method" and "Interpretation" were, I think, for both Feyerabend and Sontag, terms for the existing conscious approaches to inquiry.   And their critique was, I suspect, of that rather than of unconscious subjectivity and its associated processes.


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