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geeky mom thoughts

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-I agree with your allegory of a blog as a benevolent dictatorship as opposed to the democracy of discussion boards.  The comment immediately following your post disagrees, and the author of that comment brings up good points which illustrate how blogs can foster discussion (threaded posts)

-WoW talk turned me off

-Playing online is easier than “finding something else to do”: you found that thing to do in the first place, after all.  Perhaps rephrase this worry?

"Are we too disconnected from each other despite our constant connection?" Interesting paradox

Reading the On Food post: I need some history, reading feels out of context

A Happy Marriage post: a great example of how the personal journaling does not translate perfectly to blogging.  I see this post as a personal monolgue; its creation is totally essential in order to work things through with yourself, but it is also an example of thoughts that no one else cares to read.




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